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 If this site is slow, try my alternate based in europe 1980s.rocks but I'm unable to afford to manage it so it will soon be removed. Also my Christian version cost me too much money to keep.

Go To Feed.Dog to get a listing of the playlists and copy the urls necessary to call up those playlists from a web browser.

To remove the banner ads you need an AD-BLOCKER, AdBlock Pro ($10) is what I use on my iPad.
, in Chrome (9/4/21) use Total AdBlock Firefox and most mobile devices like iPhones and iPads prevent AutoPlay that this website relies upon. You will need to touch the RED play triangle on the player to start the playlist, don't interact with badges in the videos or the youtube player, it will take you out of this website to youtube's which will defeat the whole purpose of this website. There is a UPICK mode in the player that turns the entire playlist into a video jukebox, the links in the top left hand corner of the player in UPICK mode permit you to jump between the jukebox selection screen (a wall of icons) and the video player, UPICK mode would be desireable for DJ's that need to start a party quick but haven't their gear.
This site was coded by Kiernan Holland (c) 2019 the source code is on github here. It was written in a combination of PHP, Javascript and JQuery and uses AJAX and some JQuery interface elements. The software offers a somewhat extensive backend and has a set of scripts for manipulating the playlists and adjusting the playlist based on the actual audio content in youtube using a script called youtube-dl that can download video content from youtube dependably, This site does not store any video content at all all it does is use the Youtube embed, the scripts that use youtube-dl are only to adjust the videos to compensate for problems in the video like amplitude nomralization and irreleventcontent reduction. Everytime you load a playlist, it is loaded into the web browser, so I never see the player switching videos on my end, you could lose connection with my website and the player would still keep jumping between videos. The Javascript is poorly coded, I'm not good at javascript, there is a busy wait loop that might tax some mobile devices. The Oculus Mode permits people with Oculus GO's to watch the video content from within their VR headset in the OCulus web browser. I've also tested this website on web browsers inside AltSpaceVR which is the most popular VR community for the Oculus GO. I have tow Oculus GO's and I believe they are the expense.. Oh yes, the icons of the playlists on this page reflect what you should be seeing if you go into the particular playlist, it is not true for small playlists but for playlists with a couple hundred or more tend to be more accurately represented. I created this site for music and video exploration and discovery. I have no faith in AI algorithms to tell me what I want to see, and I think YouTube is really not addressing my needs, this site exists to make YouTube behave like a television broadcast, which is why I believe MTV was so successful back in the day. When you can select what you want to watch, you are not likely to discover new content, to explore and discover content you need to be given more control and access to the content from the present display, the more people have to scroll and read, the less chance they are going to experience the content.

Note: Every video has been set to quarter volume by default, this is where I place 100%, I raise the volume only for videos whose recording volume was too low, this is to keep you from having to change the volume for all the videos. if you desire all videos to play at full volume, add the HTTP-GET parameter VSCALE to the player URL, this will multiply the playback volume by a number given, for instance vscale=3 shoots it back to full volume. Only playlists I have used my adjustment script on have been time and volume adjusted, it takes time to adjust them, but most playlists have been adjusted, especially the smaller ones. Adjusting involves using a python script called youtube-dl to download every videos audio track in the playlist and do audio analysis on it to determine where audio begin and ends, so that you are always hearing something. I have scripts to detect and remove videos that are no longer available, and some videos can lose their audio track as youtube might cancel them, if you experience this, change to another playlist, I hope to fix it in the future that when videos are removed the player just skips to the next video. I have zero desire to sell anything and the source code is available if you desire to do your own, I am hopeful others will either be inspired to do a better version or use my source to make their own. I made this site for myself, as a form of music discovery. MTV was great because you could never tell what was going to be on MTV.. Having a choice is not always a good thing, sometimes you just need to let the radio play..
I Made This Joke Up: Bruce Springsteen is the Boss, Elvis Couldn't Give a Shit.